Scientific Rationale

The Square Kilometre Array will redefine astronomy, and there are oppurtunities to provide leadership for both the technical details and the science goals for SKA Phase 1 and beyond. This collaboration between ICRAR/UWA and KASI is to launch joint developments on SKA capabilities and the science focus of the instrument. There will be discussion and planning sessions covering the following topics:


These workshops will allow us to plan for the optimal science focus for the instrument and therefore the technical capabilities required, as well as for more general collaboration between Australia and Korea for SKA science. The meetings, and the extended visits that will follow on, will allow us to plan the scope of work. The KASI instrument has been recognised as a potential pathfinder for the American SKA-high project ngVLA. Given the science goals we will use KASI and other infrastructure to design and demonstrate the required capabilities.

Presentation Day

On Wednesday 26th February, there will be no discussions sessions. Instead attendees can contribute presentations on their research. If you want to give a scheduled talk during the public day, please add you title and abstract when registering.