The venue

NOTE: The venue has changed to Suites Hotel. However, Bloom Hotel and Suites hotel are right next to each other. Therefore, those who have already booked their stays in Bloom Hotel don't need to change anything.

The meeting will be held at Hotel Suites in Seogwipo, Jeju Island, Korea. We'll soon provide more details on this page.

Address: Jungmun Gwangang-ro 72beon-gil 67, Saekdal-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, Korea


Update on Oct 17: all rooms in both Bloom and Suites Hotels are sold out and unavailable for further bookings.
About 50 rooms are reserved at Bloom Hotel (right next to the conference venue) for conference participants, and about 30 rooms are available at Suites Hotel (the conference venue) at special rates. For booking these hotels, you can click the highlighted names of the places below and directly download the docx-formatted reservation forms. Please fill out one of these forms and send the file directly to the hotel by the noted emails (not to the LOC). The block reservations are valid until the 5th of Oct. Therefore, we highly encourage early reservations at these hotels.

Alternative options, within a distance of ~15-20 min walk from the conference venue, are also listed below. Notice that these hotels should be booked and arranged by the participants themselves.

Travel guide

Connection between Airport and Venue

There is an Airport Limousine Bus No. 600 (KRW 4,500 one way), in front of Gate 5 of the airport, directly connecting the Jeju International Airport and the Suites Hotel. It takes ~50 minutes, and the time gap between buses is 15 ~ 30 minutes.


Below is a list of recommended restaurants around the conference venue (pdf download here).

See also Google Maps below to find their locations.

EA-SKA 2023_ restaurant recommendations.pdf

Excursions (also download pdf)

An excursion event is planned for the workshop participants. Please see below for the details.

NOTE: you need to choose your course at the registration desk.

2023 EASKA Excursion.pdf

Google Maps for the workshop

The LOC has made a Google map for the workshop, including locations of the workshop venue, restaurants, and other useful places.

(extra) Ancient Korean instruments for astronomy

Below you can see videos explaining ancient instruments that Koreans used for astronomy.